ActiveTick Data Solutions
  • Low Latency Data
    The way you want it
    Multiple data formats,
    Multiple delivery options
  • From Virtualization
    To Colocation
    Optimize your environment,
    Minimize your deployment
  • Tick Data Collection
    No Limitations
    High performance Complex Event Processor
    Fully hosted or deployed


Market Data

Real-time, Snapshot, Delayed and Historical Market Data


Highly optimized trading environments: Virtual, Leased, Dedicated

Data Collection

Capture and archive every event, including full order book data

How can we help you

Eliminate Hardware

We virtualize your environment and provide you secure, scalable resources without the need to purchase costly servers.

Advanced Data Compression

We take massive data streams and apply proprietary compression algorithms to reduce bandwidth by 75% - 80% with nearly zero impact on latency.

Reduce Data Access Fees

We pay for and consume raw exchange data and disseminate it to you, at a fraction of the cost, bandwidth and complexity through a high performance messaging stream.

Lower Development Costs

We normalize every exchange protocol into one standardized format. We also provide 30+ order routing destinations No need to develop and maintain your data and order routing software

We Manage Your Data

We provide a fully hosted, fully resilient high performance tick database. We can also manage your own tick database remotely No need to manage your own database & SAN

Optimize Hosting

Managing your own network and infrastructure is costly and requires unique expertise. We do it better and are more cost effective saving our average client 24% on hosting fees - 24/7 monitoring always.



Messages Per Second


Latency (micros)


Data Compression


Simultaneous Requests


With a combined 50 years of experience in high performance market data decoding, We've built our systems from the ground up with performance and stability in mind.

Exchange Interface

Built in C++ and leveraging symmetric multi-processing and asynchronous I/O, our interfaces process millions and millions of messages a second, received from every protocol imaginable, and are presented to you in a very simple format.... never once exceeding 20 microseconds in a trading day.

High Performance Messaging

All output data generated by exchange interfaces is pushed onto a proprietary high performance messaging bus using reliable multicast. Any consumer can receive this data by joining the bus and process common message structures without having to know the underpinnings of originating exchanges messaging protocols.


We offer a complete virtual trading environment available to you in a matter of days. You tell us which OS, # of cores, memory and storage needed, and we will build a dedicated instance for you. We provide you VPN access and 24/7 monitoring of your environment to ensure uninterrupted service.


For those needing more than just low latency market data, we store every quote and trade sent by the exchange and make it available to you through:

  • TickDB - Every Tick
  • SnapDB - Snapshots
  • BarsDB - Bar Builder
  • StreamServer - Subscription
  • Co-location, Hosting and Monitoring

    We provide our clients cutting edge hardware and networking equipment designed specifically for market data processing. We also provide colocation connectivity to over 900+ networks and order routing to 30+ destinations

    Remote Transport

    Exchange interfaces double as data transports which can parse, normalize and transport data with 80% bandwidth reduction using our proprietary compression algorithm. This means that you can take data anywhere you need it with massive bandwidth savings and nearly zero additional latency

    Complex Event Processor

    Our data collection technology can process 10 million messages per second and is capable of 25k+ simultaneous requests for data. We store every event including full order book data. We provide a high performance API for accessing millions of records per second.

    On The Fly Snapshots and Bars

    Pull snapshots at any time with our SnapDB service and access over 250 data fields. Build bars on demand at any time resolution and on any asset class with our BarDB service. Pull historical ticks as far back as 10 years with our TickDB service.


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