Data Collection


ActiveDC is our enterprise data collection and storage service. Utilizing the same high performance exchange processors, we capture every event and store it in a high performance proprietary database. With no limitation on volume and storage history, ActiveDC taps into the same message bus used by your streaming data to ensure true synchronization between real-time and historical data. With ActiveDC, our clients can:

  • Centralize tick capture and retrieval
  • Eliminate the need for database management and storage
  • Use a high efficiency proprietary data compression algorithm
  • Store full order book data
  • Store 10 million ticks per second
  • Run 25k simultaneous queries

Hosted ActiveDC

With our hosted service, we will manage your entire historical tick environment. We host your servers in our Equinix datacenter and provide access to your servers over cross connect, private circuit or over internet lines. Our environment is highly scalable and you can add more resources and storage as your business needs evolve.

Deployed ActiveDC

With our deployed solution, we will remotely manage your historical tick environment whether in your office or in your datacenter racks. We can deploy both realtime data storage or T+1 for end of day file loads.


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